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Trinity's Powerhouse Baseball Program Over the Years

This exhibit will explore Trinity baseball and the powerhouse program it became under Coach Scannell, who was the 2016 National Coach of the year. This exhibit has many different components from strategy, interviews and a historical context into how baseball has developed through the years.


1972 Mens Tennis Team

1972 Team.JPG

This exhibit will explore the 1972 Trinity University Men's tennis team. You will learn about the development of the team and players who eventually won the NCAA championship.  

A New Football Tradition - Early 1990's

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This exhibit focuses on Steve Mohr and how he turned the Trinity football program around in the early to mid 1990's. As Coach Mohr steadily instilled a new tradition into Trinity's football program, he saw results in just three years.


Butch Newman: A Local Legend


This exhibit visits the career of the local San Antonio legend Butch Newman during his days at Trinity University from 1961-1965.

Chuck McKinley: The Top-Ranked Student Athlete

mckinley in trinity shirt.png

This exhibit will highlight the ability that Trinity tennis superstar, Chuck McKinley, had to control his student-athlete lifestyle amidst a celebrity like status on Trinity’s campus and across the world. A control that was only possible through mastery of his own personal attributes. McKinley is the only collegiate athlete in the history of tennis to win Wimbledon while in college, and has several other eye-opening achievements while a student at Trinity University as well.

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