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Trinity Cheerleading From the 1960's to 1990's

This research paper will introduce cheerleading at the very start with some background on how it has evolved. It will then highlight how Trinity University mirrored and evolved their team as society restrictions & regulations changed. 

- Chiara Campasano



Title IX's Fight Against Women's Inferiority In Athletics on Trinity Campus

The words “too strong for a woman” changed the course of women’s sports history and society. Bernice Sandler was discriminated against with these words, which brought to light the lack of protection women within higher education had against sex discrimination (Smith, 2011). This lead to a reform of sport towards equality for women in sports, which began with Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 (Smith, 2011). After years of reform of the sex discrimination issue within other aspects of commercial life, the pressure was on for improvements of discrimination within higher education, and therefore, associated athletics. This changed binary sex roles as society knew them and faced much backlash because of this (Holland et al., 1979). Title IX provided a space for women in sports at a federal level, and the athletics of Trinity University adjusted, as well.


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The Legacy Of Ron Calgaard And The Bell Center

This exhibit dives into the athletic facility improvements made at Trinity University during the early 1990s. Specifically, the renovations made that transformed the previously known Sam's Center into the present-day William H. Bell Center.  Moreover, this exhibit examines the crucial decisions and impacts on Trinity's athletic programs through the narrative of President Ron Calgaard. 

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From DI to DIII: The History of Reclassifying Divisions

This exhibit will explore the reasons as to why Trinity decided to switch all athletic programs to Division III except for men's and women's tennis after the 1971 season. It will also display the attitudes past and present of the Trinity community in regards to their decision that ultimately effected all the successes in athletics to this present day.


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Trinity's Swim Team: a legacy

Trinity University's swim team has carried ongoing success within their swim team for over 27 years. This exhibit hopes to acknowlege and honor the athletes and coaches for all their hard work that built the reputation the tigers carry to this day.

Liz Ryan


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The Rise and Fall of Trinity University Baseball: 1972-1973

An exhibit that details that positive and negative factors that led to the successes and subsequent fall from competitiveness of Trinity University's baseball team in the early 1970s.


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Tom Gerhardt: The All-SCAC Pioneer

Trinity men's basketball team was conferenceless for a number of years before joining the Collegiate Athletic Conference in the 1989-1990 season. In Trinity's first season in the NCAA DIII conference, junior Tom Gerhardt made All-CAC team with his superb play that year. This exhibit looks back on his playing career (including his remarkable junior season) and reflects on what it ultimately meant for future Tiger basketball players.


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Trinity Tragedy: The Story of Roy Hampton

The exhibit highlights the tumultuous end of the athletic career of former trinity quarterback Roy Hampton 



The Newman Way

Trinity University's tennis program has arguably the richest history of all Tiger athletics. There have been grand slam champions, Division-1 super teams, and a number of fantastic coaches behind all of the achievements. In the recent history of Trinity Tennis, the program underwent a transition to Division-3 and a tumultuous period of growth. In the midst of all this was head coach Butch Newman who took the program to the very top where it remains today. This exhibit highlights the coaching career of Newman and his impact on the Trinity community. 



The Enduring Legacy of Lee Roy the Tiger

The introduction of Lee Roy as Trinity’s live mascot began an era marked by storied traditions and immense school pride, the legacy of which can still be seen on campus today. This exhibit will explore the history of Trinity University’s mascot, from introduction to retirement.



A Tale of Dominance: Trinity Trap and Skeet

An overview of the Trinity Trap and Skeet team from the mid 70s to the early 80s


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A Trail of Two Runners: The Trinity University Cross Country Origin Story

This exhibit will serve as a case study detailing the origin story of the Trinity University Cross Country program.