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Tom Gerhardt: The All-SCAC Pioneer

Trinity men's basketball team was conferenceless for a number of years before joining the Collegiate Athletic Conference in the 1989-1990 season. In Trinity's first season in the NCAA DIII conference, junior Tom Gerhardt made All-CAC team with his superb play that year. This exhibit looks back on his playing career (including his remarkable junior season) and reflects on what it ultimately meant for future Tiger basketball players.


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Felix Thruston and Chuck McKinley's impact on Trinity University

This exhibit explores how Felix Thruston and Chuck McKinley's athletic success gave them a unique opporutnity to spur necessary and influential changes on Trinity University's campus.

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Trinity Men's Basketball 1968-69

This exhibit explores the success of the 1968-69 Trinity men's basketball team and what made them so successful. The 1969 Team was likely the best in school history. Competing at the Divison 1 level in the Southland Conference, they finished with a 19-5 record and qualified for the NCAA tournament. 


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Darsh Singh: Making History

Former Trinity athlete and follower of the Sikh religion, Darsh Singh, was the first ever NCAA basketball player to play with his turban. Darsh Singh attended Trinity University from 2004-2008, where he was an engineering major and played for the men's basketball team. This project focuses on various perspectives of people who witnessed the event and hones in on the way that history is created due to these varying perspectives. This exhibit utilizes this case study as a prime example of that, while also recognizing Darsh's amazing accomplishment.


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Felix Thurston and Larry Jeffries : the Rise of Racial Equality in Athletics

This exhibit shows the lives of Larry Jeffries and Felix Thurston and the effect on Trinity's basketball program and racial equality on Trinity's campus.

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The Forgotten Superstar: Larry Jeffries and Trinity's Athletic Culture

Larry Jeffries achieved an unprecedented amount of success as a Trinity Basketball player, reaching consensus First Team All-American status as a Senior. However, because of Trinity's status as a Division 3 institution, Jeffries' legacy remains unknown to most tiger fans. Like most Trinity Athletic heroes, Jeffries' story fell through the cracks of history. Fortunately, Trinitonian and Mirage articles still exist to document his remarkable accomplishments. Jeffries' own account of events supplements these primary sources, and the resulting story touches on the racial climate of NCAA Basketball, Trinity's "Peach Fuzz Five" and Jeffries' ascension to becoming one of the top players in the country.


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The Woman, the Myth, the Legend: Libby Johnson

The story of Libby Johnson and the impact she made at Trinity University from 1972-1980 after the implication of Title IX. 

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