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Speedy Hands and Confidence Pace Trinity's Roy Gamez

The Minority Influence in Trinity Sports and their experience: Latinos, African-Americans and more

In this exhibit, I plan to show how despite experiencing a different Trinity experience from their white colleagues, Trinity student-athletes who come from an ethnic minority background persevered and became influential in the history of Trinity Athletics. 


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Trinity's First Black Athletes and Their Effect on Trinity Black Culture

When Trinity first integrated there was push back, civil and discriminatory. However, the young men, who came out of such a pressured environment, built a community which was considered a safe haven for African American students. During a tumultuous period of American history these athletes showed bravery and moxxy, letting nothing keep them down.   


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Felix Thurston and Larry Jeffries : the Rise of Racial Equality in Athletics

This exhibit shows the lives of Larry Jeffries and Felix Thurston and the effect on Trinity's basketball program and racial equality on Trinity's campus.

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