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Title IX's Fight Against Women's Inferiority In Athletics on Trinity Campus

The words “too strong for a woman” changed the course of women’s sports history and society. Bernice Sandler was discriminated against with these words, which brought to light the lack of protection women within higher education had against sex discrimination (Smith, 2011). This lead to a reform of sport towards equality for women in sports, which began with Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 (Smith, 2011). After years of reform of the sex discrimination issue within other aspects of commercial life, the pressure was on for improvements of discrimination within higher education, and therefore, associated athletics. This changed binary sex roles as society knew them and faced much backlash because of this (Holland et al., 1979). Title IX provided a space for women in sports at a federal level, and the athletics of Trinity University adjusted, as well.


Title IX- The Effect on the Trinity University Athletic Administration

Image result for title IXThis website is designed to inform about and analyze the effects of Title IX on the Trinity University Athletic Administration since 1972. 


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Peggy Kokernot

This exhibit is about student-athlete Peggy Kokernot, who created the Women's Track Team here at Trinity University. 

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Title IX at Trinity: Let us play too!

Looking into the inequality of finances between mens and women's athletics at Trinity University during the implementation of Title IX


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The Woman, the Myth, the Legend: Libby Johnson

The story of Libby Johnson and the impact she made at Trinity University from 1972-1980 after the implication of Title IX. 

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Effects of Title IX on Trinity University

Overview of Title IX, and how it affected the life on campus in terms of athletics and academics at Trinity University. Title IX, despite creating a more level playing field between genders in collegiate athletics, still took decades for most universities in America to demonstrate any sort of equality regarding gender in the field of collegiate sports. Trinity University is no exception. Throughout this exhibit we will discuss the major events and programs that occurred due to the commencement of Title IX in 1972.