Todd Bender

Todd Bender a transfer from California in 1978 and lead the team to great success through his incredible shooting ability. Bender transferred to Trinity because he wanted to become an elite shooter and believed Trinity was the place to make him one. Bender learned about Trinity through word of mouth at shooting competitions, saying if you were in the shooting world you knew Trinity was the place to go. Hanzel helped recruit him to Trinity to help build his shooting team. Bender won three straight national championships from 1979-1981, won 12 Open World championships, and was a 20 time All-American. In addition to those, he was also a member of the U.S Open world teams in 1979 and 1981. An accomplished shooter to say the least, along with after college turning his shooting career into a successful business for over 40 years. Bender replaced two previous shooting aces from the team that had branched off on their own. Robert Paxton and Ricky Pope who were instrumental in the success of the team when they were there in the mid-1970s.

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