What did you enjoy about this project?

I enjoyed that this project gave me the opportunity to further explore the sport I am passionate about, and dive further into the history of the program with which I am involved. Connecting with individuals about a significant part of my life through the passage of time was a great experience.

What surpised me about this project?

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this experience. Normally, research papers are not something I look forward to partaking in. However, the further I got into the research and interviews, the more excited I was to continue.

What was the most challenging aspect of the project, and how did you manage it?

The most challenging aspect of this project was trying to find information that was relevant to the topic. At one point, I was a little nervous about finding enough information regarding Farrimond's successes to back my thesis. The Special Collections & Archives didn't have very much information to work with from '01-'04 so I had to extend my search. I eventually thought to look at the NCAA and SCAC archives, which is where I found an extensive amount of my information.

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

If I could start over, I would have conducted more interviews. I would have liked to interview a couple of Farrimond's teammates to get additional perspective on what it was like to be a part of her team. It would have been very interesting to gain the perspective of a teammate and it would have strengthen my thesis that much more. The more angles to look at the topic from, the better.

What did you learn about history and/or the historical process through this project?

This process taught me the richness history has to offer. I have gained so much from this experience, and it pushed me to explore a different time period that I would have not otherwise. I've gained substantial insight from the past on the sport I've played my whole life from an individual I knew nothing of prior, and now look to as a role model. The interviews I took part in and the research conducted, has made more a more well-rounded student-athlete. The past has taught me lessons regarding qualities for success and the importance of a strong work-ethic. Overall, I learned that history offers a variety of lessons that are often overlooked by the priority we put on the present.

What did you learn through this project that can be applied to life outside the classroom?

This project allowed me to exercise my interviewing skills and people skills, which is an inevitable part of life. I've been interviewed before but have never conducted one myself. I do believe there is something valuable in simply practicing communication skills with a variety of individuals. Having required interviews allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, which I don't often push myself to do and is an extremely valuable aspect of life.