Larry Gottfried's college decision

When the time came for Larry Gottfried to make his decision about college, he was dependent upon his tennis future. “My older brother went to Trinity and always looking at him as a great role model, that was the one school I was not going to go to. I just wanted to carve my own way and go somewhere where I could make my own path," (Gottfried Interview, March 26, 2018.) However after Gottfried stepped on campus to meet with some friends, he fell in love with it. Head coach Bob McKinley, having played with Brian Gottfried at Trinity five years prior, played an important role in Larry’s recruiting process. Larry knew the kind of man McKinley was and his amazing coaching style. Once he went on his official visit, he never thought of another school again. “Going into the fall of my senior year of highschool I was committed; in my own head I was committed, Gottfried said," (Gottfried Interview, March 26, 2018.) There were three other freshmen going into the Trinity Men’s Tennis program with Gottfried that fall: Tony Giammalva, Ben McCown, Erick Iskersky (Gerhard, “Trinity Women Win NCAA Team Title Again,” The Trinitonian. June 29, 1976.) Gottfried's decision his senior year of highschool would begin his long lasting tennis legacy at Trinity University and his victorious win of one of the most talked about matches in Trinity University.