McEnroe's defeat

After the match against Stanford, Gottfried did not dwell on his outstanding victory over McEnroe. “You’re only as good as your last performance.”  All eyes were focused on their upcoming match two day later. “As far as what it did for me personally, it did nothing, because we knew we had a lot of season to go,” (Gottfried Interview, March 26, 2018.) Gottfried won the match for the “second time” handing McEnroe his only collegiate loss, and the crowd went wild. “Honestly between Mac being sick, and me having all these people help, God just put me in that position and I just had one of those days and the rest as they say is history. I wish I could tell you more about how how we prepared for this amazing pre match ritual and this great strategy but basically I just went out there and played and McEnroe fell apart,” said Gottfried (Gottfried Interview March 26, 2018.) 

The legacy of Gottfried has lived on to present day tennis at Trinity University. Gretchen Rush, former NCAA Women’s Doubles champion in 1983 and current head coach of the women’s tennis program at Trinity University, has a picture of Gottfried with his fist in the air after the victory hanging on the wall in Maybree Tennis Center. “This wall is for greatness," said Rush (Rush Interview April 10, 2018.)