No. 2 Trinity University vs No 1. Stanford

Twenty one hundred people lined the courts at the All G. Hill Jr. Stadium on April 1st, 1978 for day two of tennis that pitted No. 2 Trinity University against No 1. Stanford University (Gottfried Interview, March 26, 2018.) The match didn’t start until one o'clock in the afternoon, however there were people at the courts by nine thirty in the morning to watch the match.Linn Perry, an alumni of Trinity University, deserves most of the credit for rounding everyone up for the match by working tirelessly to put up posters with schedules for the big day (Gerhard, “Trinity Women Win NCAA Team Title Again.") The sun was beating down in the hot afternoon weather in San Antonio, Texas, as fans continued to pile into the stadiums, sat on stairs, and climbed on top of  Murchison dorm to watch the highly anticipated match (Crowther, “Trinity in Spring,” The Trinitonian. April 21, 1978.) The net was even dropped on one of the courts to fit another set of bleachers to help accommodate the large crowd. The crowd came to watch the match up against the two best teams in the nation, as well as to see McEnroe in action since his performance at Wimbledon months before.