Line Up for Match Day

McKinley sat Gottfried down in the Maybrey pavilion days before the match to discuss the lineup going into the weekend. “Bobby and I were really really close, so on the Wednesday before the match, he sat me down and said I want you to play against McEnroe, so I said okay, recalled Gottfried,” (Gottfried Interview, March 26, 2018.)  Having lost to McEnroe ten months earlier 6-2, 6-2, McKinley knew the risk of putting Gottfried at line one. “McKinley asked me one more time ‘I’m thinking about putting you against McEnroe but I need to ask you something. Are you afraid of him?’ and I said no I’m not afraid but I’m not guaranteeing anything coach,” (Gottfried Interview, March 26, 2018.) Gottfried stated that he knew him better than anyone else on the team, and that is the reason why he played one that day.