Life in College

Peggy Kokernot was one to embrace life, and is evident in her achievements here at Trinity University. In addition to starting the track team here at Trinity, she took a dog named Debby under her wing. This dog was a stray that wandered on and around campus. Kokernot worked hard getting other students on board with helping with the care of Debby. She collected donations in order to take veternary care of the dog. 

Peggy also took several theatre classes as she found it to be extremely realxing and fun. She wrote and performed a One Act about the Cookie Monster. 

Peggy won the Turkey Trot on campus with a time of 7:37. Not only did she win the women's division, she beat the fastest male finisher, who ran a time of 9:58.

During her time at Trinity University, she dated a tennis player. She claims that she was madly in love with him and attempted to play tennis because of him. After a few days of practice with him she decided that she did not like playing against someone who would constantly be able to hit every ball served to them. 

Peggy Kokernot aslo joined the sorority Gamma Chi Delta but depledged as she felt as is she "marched to the beat of her own drum." 

Life in College