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The Influence of Greek Life on Trinity Intramurals

This exhibit discusses the relationship between Greek Life and Intramurals participation.

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How Greek Life and Intramurals Collide

The popularity of both intramural sports and Greek life on Trinity’s campus dates all the way back to the 1980s when both Greek life and intramurals were at their prime. This exhibit explores how intramural sports played a huge role in the development of Greek life at Trinity University from 1980-1989.

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Stockton and the Boys

1972 National Champion Tennis Team



Sport in the Calgaard Era

Of Ronald Calgaard women’s volleyball coach Julie Jenkins said, “Most people who have been here as long as I have…would also say that he had the biggest influence on this university, period (2019).” Tennis was most often associated with Trinity sports in the 1970s. Current students will be quick to mention that Trinity no longer offers tennis athletic scholarships, makes use of its many tennis courts, or boasts a Division 1 tennis team. The catalyst for these changes was former Trinity President Ronald Calgaard. His policies created a lot of controversy among students, faculty, alumni, and administration. While Calgaard’s interpretation of ‘liberal arts’ seemed to come at a cost to athletics, his new vision for Trinity ultimately proved beneficial to the importance and popularity of sports from 1985 - 1995.


1989 Trinity Football

This report analyzes the 1989 football season at Trinity University, and reasons for the lack of success. I interview two individuals who were members of the team during the season. The report also looks into the troubling reality of CTE, and the effect that it has had on members of the team.


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TU Bowling: A Forgotten Legacy

While much is known about the long gone bowling alley in the gymnasium, there is very little attention on Trinity University's bowling history. The bowling alley was not quite frequented in its last moments but the students made great use of it during the seventies. This exhibit focuses on how bowling thrived on campus in the seventies through its strong bowling team and created an environment which allowed women to flourish as athletes. 


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Trinity Tennis in the 1960s and 70s: A Historic American Sporting Dynasty

This page is going to serve to show the dominance of Trinity Tennis in the 1960s and 70s. This dominance came as the result of an extremely deep team. Though there were numerous superstars, the ability of every single member of the team to win big matches consistently was critical. This dynasty is comprable to many of the most historic American sporting dynasties, such as the current Alabama football squad, the New England Patriots, and more recent Golden State Warriors. This era was very impressive for a college tennis team, and this exhibit serves to show how impressive they were, and how depth of talent played the biggest role in this success.


Time Changes Trinity: The Story of a Generational Gap

This exhibit examines the generational ideologies athletes, both players and coaches, have felt pressured by while being involved in Trinity University atheltics.  Over many generations it seems as though younger generations at Trinity have different ideas on how their teams and coaches have pushed them in a game day situation where they felt as though an injury could restrain them from playing.

Rising Power: Trinity Women's Soccer

During the 1990s, the Trinity women's soccer program (TUWS) started their dominating run that continues into the current day. This exhibit dives into the state of women's soccer at the time and the inner workings of the program itself that gives insight into what has made the program into the powerhouse that it is today.


Jim Potter and his impact on Trinity University

This exhibit takes a look into who Jim Potter is and the way he impacted Trintiy University. Potter's legacy lies with his impact on student life and his dedicaiton to making the university the best it could possiby be. 



Trinity Men's Baseball Champions, 2016

This site follows the path of the 2016 Trinity Baseball team to the National Championship. The Tigers won the NCAA Division III Baseball National Championship against Keystone College on May 31, 2016. With a 44-7 win-loss record they set a new conference record for most wins in a season, beating out the previous record from 1999. 2016 was the second consecutive trip to the DIII world series made by the Tigers and the championship became the fifth of its kind in Trinity team-sport history.


Trinity Baseball -Early 1970s

The Trinity baseball team was loaded in the 1970s, with perhaps the most talent that has ever come through San Antonio. They won lots of games, and  finished 16th in the 1972 poll at the end of the year.