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A New Football Tradition - Early 1990's

This exhibit focuses on Steve Mohr and how he turned the Trinity football program around in the early to mid 1990's. As Coach Mohr steadily instilled a new tradition into Trinity's football program, he saw results in just three years.



The Creation of Trinity Soccer: 1959-1969

Trinity University’s men’s soccer team is one of the most respected intercollegiate soccer programs in the state of Texas, and across the whole nation in Division 3 sports. Trinity won the 2003 National Championship and were Runners-Up in 2007. In recent years, the Tigers have been to three straight Elite 8’s, and haven’t failed to qualify for the Tournament since 2001. They’ve won the SCAC Championship 13 out of the last 14 seasons; an incredible period of dominance. The leadership of Paul McGinlay, who just celebrated his 25th anniversary at the institution, has taken the program to new heights and established a culture of winning that means the team set out every August with the same aim: win the program’s second National Championship. But how did this all begin? This exhibit describes the creation of the Trinity University Men's Soccer Team. From it's confusing beginnings in 1959, and the immediate disappearance of that team, to the rebirth of the team in 1965, Trinity Soccer is now one of the premier soccer programs in the US. This is a history of how it began.


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The Resurrection of Intramurals

Currently, the Intruamural program is a strong and well known part of campus life. However, this has not always been the case. There was a time when the program was in danger of being lost, but thanks to the diligent work of both staff members and students, the program was saved and given new life. 



Hiring Coach Mohr

This exhibit discusses the hiring of Trinity Football Coach, Steve Mohr in 1990, and the lastign impact it has had on the program since.  Coach Mohr has been inducted into the Trinity HOF for his efforts as head coach from 1990-2013.  During his tenure he led the Tigers to 16 SCAC championships, 12 DIII playoff appearences and posted a total record of 92-29


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Trinity Trap and Skeet Powerhouse 1970-1985

This exhibit will cover the Trinity University Trap and Skeet team from its creation in 1970 and will go more specifically into the coach of the team Colonel Tom Hanzel and his illustrious 15 year career.


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College Divisions and their Impact on the Campus Atmosphere on Sport by Antonio Massagli

This exhibit lays out the history of Trinity University's athletic program during the NCAA division series creation and how that change affected the university, from 1960-Present day.Trinity is typically known as a small private university with high academic standards and a fairly decent athletic program centered around the Division III competition. Contrary to the current image, Trinity used to be a very competitive "Division I" program, playing teams such as Texas A&M and Air Force, and was even known as a party school. Trinity's image began to change around 1973 when the NCAA decided to divide what was the "Major School" and "Small School" brackets and divide them into the Division I,II,III that we now know today. 


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Clarence Mabry: A Tennis Legend

Clarence Mabry's coaching style and philosophy was one that was different than many coaches. During his time at Trinity he helped his players become international superstars and transformed the Trinity Tennis program from a small club with no courts, equipment or recruits into a national powerhouse. This exhibit will explore the reasons behind Mabry's success, and show how he impacted the tennis program and the University at this stage in history.



The Spring of '72: Trinity Baseball's Most Successful Year

The 1972 baseball season is known as the most succesful season that Trinity University has ever seen.  The 1972 baseball team rattled off an impressive 22 game win streak and touted a talented roster that included 5 Trinity Atletics Hall of Fame inductees. The success they experienced this particular year had a significant impact, as the baseball program built off this season in order to become the national powerhouse they are today. 


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Hall of 'Famer' record 'Breaker'

A look into the career of Trinity Football superstar, Earl Costley. 



Effects of Title IX on Trinity University

Overview of Title IX, and how it affected the life on campus in terms of athletics and academics at Trinity University. Title IX, despite creating a more level playing field between genders in collegiate athletics, still took decades for most universities in America to demonstrate any sort of equality regarding gender in the field of collegiate sports. Trinity University is no exception. Throughout this exhibit we will discuss the major events and programs that occurred due to the commencement of Title IX in 1972.


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1972 Mens Tennis Team

This exhibit will explore the 1972 Trinity University Men's tennis team. You will learn about the development of the team and players who eventually won the NCAA championship.