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Gene Norris' Career

This exhibit will take a look at the life and career of Gene Norris as he worked his way from assistant football coach to the athletics director. This website will also take a look at Gene Norris' overall impact on the athletics department as he helped it transition from Division 1 to Division 3 athletics.

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History of the Bell Center

This exhibit will cover the Trinity University Bell Center from its creation in the 1960's, originally named the Sams Center, all the way until its current state in 2017 and plans that Trinity has for it in the coming years. 



The Unorthodox Game of Flickerball

This exhibit will showcase what the game of Flickerball was and the people that played it. Flickerball became popular at Trinity in the 1970s. Flickerball was played by independent student teams as well as many Greek teams, included the Omega Phi Fraternity amongst others. Eventually Flickerball faded into obscurity during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and today, many Trinity sudents do not know that Flickerball even existed.

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The Undulation of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Trinity University

This exhibit follows the numerous rises in popularity and fall in numbers of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on Trinity University's campus from its inception in 1973 to present day.