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The Legacy Of Ron Calgaard And The Bell Center

This exhibit dives into the athletic facility improvements made at Trinity University during the early 1990s. Specifically, the renovations made that transformed the previously known Sam's Center into the present-day William H. Bell Center.  Moreover, this exhibit examines the crucial decisions and impacts on Trinity's athletic programs through the narrative of President Ron Calgaard. 

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Ahead of the Curve: A Look into the Athletic Dormitory History of Trinity University

This exhibit explores the history of Trinity's athletic dormitories in the 1950s. Moreover, this exhibit contextualizes the 1991 NCAA Athletic Dorm Ban while highlighting the importance of Trinity's decision to disband the athletic dormitory thirty years prior as a reflection of the advantages of Division III athletics.


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Trinity University Weight Room converted from a Bowling Alley

Beginning in the early 1990's, there was an athletic expansion buzz across the country amongst universities. Trinity decided to take their outdated and useless weight room and make it much better. They found space that was the old bowling alley and decided it was not going to good use, so they cleared it out and constructed the weight room in the same space over the course of 18 months that has brought a world of change to the school.

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History of the Bell Center

This exhibit will cover the Trinity University Bell Center from its creation in the 1960's, originally named the Sams Center, all the way until its current state in 2017 and plans that Trinity has for it in the coming years.