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The Evolution of Soccer at Trinity University and its Connection to the Growth and Devlopment of Soccer in North America

Exploring the growth and development of the Men's and Women's Soccer Programs at Trinity University and how their growth is correlated to the rise of soccer in North America. In Partiucalr how the United Sates two World Cup victories in 1991 and 1999 influneced the Women's Program and oppertunites for female athletes at Trinity University during the 1990's. Comparisons are drawn from the oppertunites and succsess of Teams daiting back to the 1970's and in modern day.


Rising Power: Trinity Women's Soccer

During the 1990s, the Trinity women's soccer program (TUWS) started their dominating run that continues into the current day. This exhibit dives into the state of women's soccer at the time and the inner workings of the program itself that gives insight into what has made the program into the powerhouse that it is today.



Trinity Women's Soccer, the USWNT, and the National Rise of Women's Soccer

During the early 1990s the women's soccer scene in the United States had a sudden rise in popularity partially due to the USWNT's World Cup victory in 1991. This popularity effected women's soccer players and teams across the nation, including the women's soccer program at Trinity University who began to establish themselves as a powerhouse.



Paul McGinlay's Soccer Empire

This exhibit describes the evolution of the Men's Soccer program at Trinity University under the guidance of Paul McGinlay, who was hired in 1991.



The Creation of Trinity Soccer: 1959-1969

Trinity University’s men’s soccer team is one of the most respected intercollegiate soccer programs in the state of Texas, and across the whole nation in Division 3 sports. Trinity won the 2003 National Championship and were Runners-Up in 2007. In recent years, the Tigers have been to three straight Elite 8’s, and haven’t failed to qualify for the Tournament since 2001. They’ve won the SCAC Championship 13 out of the last 14 seasons; an incredible period of dominance. The leadership of Paul McGinlay, who just celebrated his 25th anniversary at the institution, has taken the program to new heights and established a culture of winning that means the team set out every August with the same aim: win the program’s second National Championship. But how did this all begin? This exhibit describes the creation of the Trinity University Men's Soccer Team. From it's confusing beginnings in 1959, and the immediate disappearance of that team, to the rebirth of the team in 1965, Trinity Soccer is now one of the premier soccer programs in the US. This is a history of how it began.