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The Newman Way

Trinity University's tennis program has arguably the richest history of all Tiger athletics. There have been grand slam champions, Division-1 super teams, and a number of fantastic coaches behind all of the achievements. In the recent history of Trinity Tennis, the program underwent a transition to Division-3 and a tumultuous period of growth. In the midst of all this was head coach Butch Newman who took the program to the very top where it remains today. This exhibit highlights the coaching career of Newman and his impact on the Trinity community. 


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Change in Trinity Tennis Athletes After Shift From Division 1 to Division 3

This exhibit is about the shift that the tennis program underwent from division 1 to division 3 in 1990. Specifically, the change in athletes and the effects of the change on the program as a whole. Moreover, this exhibit examines the emotions surrounding the crucial decision to switch from important former and current players and coaches in the tennis program. 


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Felix Thruston and Chuck McKinley's impact on Trinity University

This exhibit explores how Felix Thruston and Chuck McKinley's athletic success gave them a unique opporutnity to spur necessary and influential changes on Trinity University's campus.

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Effect of Division Shift on Trinity University Tennis Program

The Trinity University Tennis program was a Division 1 powerhouse for decades, but that all changed in 1991. The school board decided to shift the team to Division 3 to join the rest of Trinity sports teams who had all shifted previously. The team was no longer the same tennis giant that took on big state schools across the country for the national championship year after year. The shift to a lower division was not completely negative for the program or the school. There were many positives that came out of the move to Division 3 that gave the program a new identity.



Stockton and the Boys

1972 National Champion Tennis Team


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Trinity Tennis in the 1960s and 70s: A Historic American Sporting Dynasty

This page is going to serve to show the dominance of Trinity Tennis in the 1960s and 70s. This dominance came as the result of an extremely deep team. Though there were numerous superstars, the ability of every single member of the team to win big matches consistently was critical. This dynasty is comprable to many of the most historic American sporting dynasties, such as the current Alabama football squad, the New England Patriots, and more recent Golden State Warriors. This era was very impressive for a college tennis team, and this exhibit serves to show how impressive they were, and how depth of talent played the biggest role in this success.


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The Life of Trinity Tennis Legend Chuck McKinley

     Chuck McKinley has been one of the most successful athletes Trinity University has produced in its entire athletic existance. This exhibit dives into the life of Chuck analyzing vital events in his life that greatly contributed to his success at Trinity. This exhibit will discuss the following question: Who was Chuck McKinley, what was his role at Trinity Unversity, and in what way did his presence impact his fellow tennis teammates?


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The Golden Age of Trinity Men's Tennis

This exhibit will feature three individuals in the 1960's and 70's who gave Trinity Tennis national recognition. You will experience the success of the team as well as the individuals who hepled build and strngthen the program.



Butch Newman: A Local Legend

This exhibit visits the career of the local San Antonio legend Butch Newman during his days at Trinity University from 1961-1965.


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Trinity's Change in Athletic Culture

Trinity University has a history of athletic excellence. The success of the athletics progam has been consistent since the beginning. However, there have been several key changes over time. Perhaps the biggest of these changes is the overall culture revolving athletics on campus.

This exhibit will highlight this change by using former Tiger star and current coach Gretchen Rush to provide an example of how things used to be, and the overall change in athletic culture. 



Trinity University's Division I Men's Tennis Team

Beginning in the 1920s, the Trinity University Tennis Program has developed into a nationall recognized powerhouse. All of the credit can go to three main people: Clarence Mabry, Chuck McKinley and Butch Newman. These three men were standouts during their time here at Trinity are have also left the biggest impact on the program as a whole. This page will delve further into each of them plus matches that they played in and an overview of the 1970s and '80s which were widely regarded as the "Golden Era" for Trinity tennis.